If you happen to stumble upon the lower rates for the same travel itinerary that you bought from Faresandbeyond on any other U.S.-based website within 4 hours of booking then you can submit a request for refund. We will refund the difference or cancel your travel itinerary and refund the whole amount on your request.

What are the conditions for requesting a refund?

For requesting a refund on your travel itinerary you will have to provide all the documents related to the lower offer, including, without limitation, the departure and arrival dates and locations, airline, class, fare, hotel room, hotel rate, cancellation policy and car class. You are also supposed to share competitor's name and all the details of the offer available to be booked. You can share these information via email or call within 4 hours after your Faresandbeyond booking to make a claim. The lower rate must be available for general booking at the time you contact us.

After verifying that the offer is exactly the same as the itinerary you booked with us we will process your request. If your request is eligible for the Best Price Promise, we will process your request for full refund of the price difference or, cancel the itinerary you booked with us and refund the entire amount paid.

How to request a refund?

Our customer service representatives are available round the clock and our all lines are open 24*7. You can call anytime to request a refund concerning the Best Price Promise.

At the time when you get in touch with our Travel experts make sure the lower priced offer is available for booking online.