Contact point for special assistance?

For special assistance and associated services, your primary point of contact should be the airline company with which your flight has been booked for your journey. Your may also reach out to the airport authorities who could guide you with ground facilities available within their premises. We on our part are also there to help you with your special assistance requests and to provide any important piece of information for the same.

We would recommend you to place your request for these services at least 48 hours prior to your journey. If in case there is any doubt or query that you may face at the time of formal procedures or for clarification of the airline norms, you may always feel free to reach us at our customer helpline numbers. Our helpline executives would forward your request accordingly so that you are not left at the mercy of 11th hour complications.

Passengers with disabilities

Airline companies provide free assistance for passengers with various types of disabilities. Those with temporary injury, decreased mobility or a serious disability may place their request for availing these services at the time of boarding their flights. This would require them to provide all the necessary details related to their issues so that prior arrangements are made for their convenient travel. You may also have a look at the airline policy of the flight operators vis-a-vis special assistance services.

Will I be required to travel with an attendant?

The authorities may ask you to fly with an attendant if they consider it necessary. Depending on the travel factors and ground facilities, they would share all the details of stipulations associated with travel-attendants. Your travel assistant will be there to assist you in cases of emergency or if you are not able to fend for yourself. Travel attendants are required if a passenger is both deaf and dumb and is not able to adequately understand safety instructions. Those having severe physical issues, and as a result of which, are not able to move about freely on-board are requested to book a ticket for a travel attendant. Further, the attendant must be at least 18 years of age and apart from being physically firm, he/she must also possess adequate cognitive and learning skills.


In case if you are carrying medicines or syringes on board, it is important to bring along medical prescription by a certified practitioner. The general medical policies of the airline companies mandate the passengers to carry sufficient medications foreseeing any unwanted scenario like flight delays and long halts during connecting flights. Further, one must ensure that these medicines are kept in their original packets with legible labels.

Liquid Medicines

As for norms associated with liquid medications, it would be wise to primarily contact the airline authorities for the latest policies regarding the same. These policies put certain limitations for the amount of liquid medications that passengers could carry with their on-board luggage.

Visual and Hearing Impairment

Passengers with visual or hearing impairment who cannot fend for themselves without an attendant could place a formal request for traveling with a companion. For this, the authorities also provide necessary assistance for visually impaired passengers such as individual safety briefings, escorting at the time of boarding and de-boarding and assistance during the flight. You could contact the airline or call us for more details.

Overseas Accommodation and Transport Arrangements

Since several airports abroad aren’t adequately equipped for travelers with disabilities, it would be appropriate for you to first inquire your airline operator for necessary information on this front. Some of the airports providing special assistance may also charge additional fees for these facilities.